Where to Buy Contact Lenses

Lens.comWondering where to buy contact lenses?

It used to be a simple matter when your only choice was to buy from your optometrist. But today, with the Internet and many new buying outlets, the question is a bit more complex. Let’s review your options.

  1. Buy From Your Optometrist
    I used to do this until I did a simple Internet search a couple years ago. I found online outlets like Lens.com selling the same brand contacts for half the price I was paying at my optometrist’s office. Since that day I never bought from the same place I get my eyes examined. So it’s safe to remove this option from you list as you will save 50% or more buying online.
  2. Online Contact Lens Stores
    This is where it gets a little tricky because you have many options. A little research on where to buy contact lenses online can save you trouble later.  You want to select a reputable vendor as opposed to some new, unknown business since you will be faxing or emailing over your prescription and other personal information. There are also hassles to deal with if they get your order wrong or take forever to ship your product. Chances are you only got one sample disposable lens from your optometrist after your visit, so you need a place that will send out your order quickly.

Our Recommendation:

First things first. After you visit to your optometrist, ask them for a copy of your prescription. They are required by law to hand this over to you if you ask. You need your prescription to purchase lenses online. An exception is Lens.com (below) which will verify your prescription with your doctor by phone.


Why is this our #1 choice? Quite simple:

  1. Lowest Prices Guaranteed
    With their guarantee, you know you are getting the lowest price without having to visit a million stores and Google your particular lens searching for the best deal. That saves you time and hassle.
  2. Ordering Process is Simple
    You only need to provide the name and town of your doctor, and they will call to verify your prescription. I’ve tried many contact lens stores with a complicated or confusing ordering process, but by contrast, Lens.com is simple to use.
  3. Quick Turnaround
    Nobody can wait forever for their lenses since you probably only got one sample from your optometrist. Lens.com sends out your order quickly, with free shipping available for larger orders.

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