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The Wall Street Journal is one of the most popular newspapers in the United States, with a circulation of over 2 million. This page provides links to current Wall Street Journal Subscription discounts, which are available for digital and print editions. By becoming a subscriber, you will also be able to read the content on the Wall Street Journal website without any restrictions.

The special offers we currently have available are:

  • Digital and Print – $2/week for 12 Weeks subscribe now
  • Digital Only – $2/week for 12 Weeks subscribe now
  • Print Only – N/A 

The online and digital editions are fast becoming the most sensible choice for many users, given the prevalence of devices such as the iPad, Kindle, and Nook. A free Mobile Reader is another option for people who are always on the go. Note, however, that online access to the Wall Street Journal is rather expensive, costing $24.99 a month after the promotional period ends. A Kindle or Nook edition of the paper is similarly pricey, costing $22.99/month.

Get the Wall Street Journal for $2/Week 
A Quick Look At the Features of the Wall Street Journal Online and Print Editions
  • Scoops and Updated News Alerts
  • Online Markets Data Center
  • Delivered 6 Days a Week
  • WSJ Mobile Reader Available for Smart Phones
  • Tablet Apps and Kindle/Nook Editions Available
Major Sections
  • Section One covers the daily news, including economic, political, and corporate news.  The opinion page features such well-known names as Peggy Noonan, Mary O’Grady and  Kimberly Strassel, among many others.
  • Marketplace covers various major industries such as technology, media and health. It is included in the weekday editions of the WSJ.
  • Money and Investing includes comprehensive coverage of the financial markets and industries, both in the US and abroad.
  • Personal Journal, as the name implies, covers personal topics such as jobs and careers, cultural topics, and personal investments.
Interesting Facts About the Wall Street Journal

It is often said that the most successful people in the country read the Wall Street Journal. In fact, one of the paper’s longest running marketing campaigns involves a letter that underscores this point. But is this perception even accurate?

According to surveys and statistics, the answer seems to be yes. Consider the following facts:

  • The average income for Wall Street Journal subscriber is $191,000, according to a subscriber profile conducted a few years ago.
  • The average net worth of a subscriber was $2.1 million.

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