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Long considered an indispensable research tool, the Value Line Investment Survey is one of the longest-running and most successful financial newsletters of all time. Value Line closely tracks 1,700 stocks in 90 industries and provides detailed analysis, charts and commentary. In addition to this information, Value Line provides investors with a highly regarded ranking system designed to help them select winning stocks and make more money from their investments.

At the core of Value Line’s system is something called the Timeliness rating. Stocks with a Timeliness rating of 1 are predicted to be the best performers in the next year, and in the past, these stocks have greatly outperformed the general market. In fact, if you had invested in all Timeliness 1 stocks since 1965, your total returns would be 28,586% to date (compared to just 1,997% for the S&P 500 and 1,718% for the Dow). This method of investing is noteworthy because of its extreme simplicity and its ability to outperform almost every other method of selecting stocks by a substantial margin.

The problem with Value Line in the past was that it was a rather voluminous and cumbersome newsletter. A subscriber had to maintain multiple heavy binders with thousands of pages which were kept current by adding and replacing pages regularly. Fortunately, the Internet has changed all this for the better. We highly recommend the online subscription to Value Line, which literally puts a wealth of top-notch research information at your fingertips. In addition, you can quickly filter stocks using convenient and powerful online screening tools. The Value Line members area is a stock researcher’s dream come true, providing not only the esteemed Value Line ranking system but access to market commentary, individual stock reports and model portfolios as well.

A financial newsletter as good as Value Line does not come cheap. A one-year subscription to the Value Line Investment Survey costs $598, but with over 100,000 subscribers, it is clear that serious investors are more than willing to pay this amount for the quality of information they receive.

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Is Value Line Worth the Price?

If you are using Value Line strictly for research purposes, you may find that it is sufficient to simply go to the library to read the newsletter. However, if you are an active investor with a sizeable trading account, you will probably want access to the online tools offered by Value Line because they can save you both time and money and greatly assist you in picking winning stocks.

Whether or not Value Line is worth the price to you would depend a lot on the size of your trading account. Keep in mind, the historical returns of Timeliness 1 stocks are 12.3% annualized, as opposed to the returns of the benchmark S&P 500 index of around 6.4% annualized. Therefore, if you were to do nothing but invest in Value Line Timeliness 1 stocks, you could potentially make an extra 5.9% in returns each year, assuming historical trends continue. For any account over $10,000, this extra return should easily cover the annual subscription cost.

Value Line’s Historical Performance

A stock newsletter is only as good as its performance. Value Line shines in this regard and has a long history of delivering solid, consistent results. Below is a chart that shows how the Value Line ranking system has fared over the last 50 years:


As you can see, Value Line’s group 1 stocks do very well in the long run, but the system does require patience because the returns for any given year may not be as high as you would like. As long as you are a long-term investor with a reasonable investment time horizon of five years or more, you should do well using Value Line’s rankings as a basis for selecting your stocks.

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