Tips for Traveling Cheaply

Many people have the mistaken notion that only people with lots of money can afford to travel. However, with a little careful planning, and by taking advantage of worldwide communities for travelers, you can significantly cut down the costs of traveling and in many cases, even do it for free. Here are some ways you can travel for less:

1. Use online communities to find places to stay for free

Staying at a motel or hotel can be one of the largest expenses you incur when you travel. The best way to avoid this expense altogether is by using websites such as, which puts you directly in touch with people all over the world who will allow you to stay with them for free. A great benefit to couchsurfing is that you will also meet lots of interesting people, make new friends, and gain some insights into how people in different places live their everyday lives. Check out the video below to find out more about what couchsurfing is all about.

2. Use travel credit cards wisely

One great way to get free airline tickets is by obtaining a travel credit card and using it for all your purchases. By doing this, you should be able to rack up thousands of free points every month. Many cards will give you a sign-up bonus as well, which can often be as much as 25,000 free points. Make sure you also find out which stores have a partnership with your airline credit card, since such stores often give you extra points if you shop with them. Some good airline travel cards to sign up for are United Mileage Plus and Southwest Rapid Rewards. Be aware that most airline travel cards have an annual fee, but this fee is usually waived for the first year.

3. Teach English abroad

This may be one of the best ways to see different parts of the world and make some extra money as well. It is an especially attractive option for recent college graduates who want to do something adventurous for a few years before settling down with a job at home. There are many teaching opportunities overseas, especially in Asian countries, where there is a high demand for native English-speaking teachers.

4. Make your own food instead of eating out

Eating out while traveling is certainly the most convenient, but it is unfortunately also quite expensive. If you stay at a place where a kitchen is available, you can save a lot of money by preparing your own meals. Even without a full kitchen, there are many simple meals like salads and sandwiches that are easy to prepare and well-suited for travelers.

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