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For over three decades, Rug Doctor has been a leader in providing commercial grade products for both do-it-yourself and professional carpet cleaning. The company has grown into an international manufacturer with distribution outlets in over 20 countries. Rug Doctor carpet cleaners are easy-to-use, powerful machines that deliver superior results at a reasonable cost. In fact, Rug Doctor was the first consumer carpet cleaning manufacturer to earn the highly coveted Gold Certification (the highest level certification available) from the Carpet and Rug Institute, a national trade association for the carpet and rug industry.

So how well does Rug Doctor work? We put the product to the test and rented a unit from a hardware store. The results were pretty impressive, but we did find that you need to perform regular carpet cleanings once or twice a year to maintain the results. Using the device, it only takes about an hour to clean the carpets of a typical two-bedroom apartment. Expect your carpets to be moist for about 12 – 24 hours after the cleaning.

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Current Rug Doctor Coupons:
$100 Off a New Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3
$100 Off a New Rug Doctor Wide Track
Which Machine Should You Select?

There are three types of Rug Doctor machines you can select from: the Mighty Pro, the Mighty ProX3 and the Wide Track. The Mighty Pro is the standard model which will suffice for most home users. However, people with larger homes may want to get the X3 or Wide Track. The primary difference between the three models is the brush width. The Mighty Pro, for example, has a brush width of 9.25 inches, while the Mighty Pro X3 has a brush width of 10 inches. The largest machine, the Wide Track, has a brush width of 11.25 inches. There are also differences in the size and weight of each machine. Below are the exact specs of each unit:

rug doctor comparison chart

Should You Rent or Buy?

You may have noticed that many hardware stores and supermarkets allow you to rent Rug Doctors for a 24-hour period. Rates vary, but on average, it costs about $30 to rent a machine. Renting a machine is a good idea if you want to see how well Rug Doctors work. On the other hand, because you will most likely have to rent a machine twice a year, the costs can add up pretty quickly. It therefore makes more sense to eventually purchase a machine if you are happy with the results and want to have clean carpets on a regular basis. One way to cut down on the cost of a machine is to split the cost with a friend, neighbor or relative.

Rug Doctors are affordably priced, and you can get one for less than the cost of a single professional carpet cleaning.

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