Redbox Instant is Coming Soon

For a long time, we have recommended Netflix as the best streaming service currently available. That does not, however, make Netflix perfect, and the main gripe we have had with the service was the lack of a movie rental download service like the one offered by Amazon. We think this is a service Netflix needs to add soon if they wish to remain the top dog in the movie rental marketplace.

Later this year, Redbox, in partnership with Verizon, will begin offering its own online streaming service called Redbox Instant, which will compete directly with the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus. This service will offer two things most of its competitors do not. First, it will be integrated with its kiosk-based business. Although details are still scant, we suspect subscribers to Redbox Instant will either get a certain number of free rentals at any of the 40,000 kiosks every month, or receive a discount of some sort. Secondly, subscribers to Redbox Instant will be able to rent or purchase movie downloads. Among its three primary competitors, only Amazon currently offers a similar service.

This means that in terms of the number of options it offers consumers, Redbox Instant will be ahead of its competition when it launches. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will manage to lure away a chunk of Netflix’s 24 million subscribers. Much of its success will depend on how competitively priced the service will be, and there is no word yet on the monthly subscription rate.

Right now, Redbox Instant is in alpha test, being used by some 500 testers. When the service finally launches in the next 1 or 2 months, we will post an update as well as links to any coupons or free trials that may be available at that time. 

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