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If you need a reliable printing service, performed competently and delivered in a timely manner, then Printplace may be exactly what you are looking for. While many other printers such as Uprinting and Vistaprint offer online design tools and other resources to assist all levels of designers, Printplace, in our opinion, is more geared towards people who already know what they are doing. In other words, it’s a fast, cheap, efficient printer without the bells and whistles you might find elsewhere. The only design tool offered on the site are downloadable templates, which contain no design elements and simply offer guidelines inside of a document.Printplace templates

With that said, Printplace is an excellent printing company that provides high quality printing at competitive prices that are covered by a Price Match Guarantee. This is on top of a Quality Guarantee and an On-Time Shipping Guarantee. Printplace, in fact, has more guarantees in place than any other printer we know of. If your project is on a tight schedule, and you have little room for error, Printplace should be one of your top choices.

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Includes Satisfaction Guarantee and Price Match Guarantee

One thing we particularly like about this vendor is that they offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to turnaround times. If you are not in a rush, you can choose a slower turnaround time and save some money. On the other hand, if you need your printed materials more quickly, Printplace can accommodate such needs as well. Either way, helpful timelines are available on the Printplace site, showing you exactly when you can expect your order to ship. If you are working on a project where precision is important, you will no doubt appreciate the fact that when you use Printplace, there is no guesswork involved when trying to figure out the turnaround time.

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Ordering is a relatively straightforward four-step process, where you select the options for your print job from a series of drop down menus, make a payment, upload artwork, then review the proofs, all online. Artwork uploaded to the site must be in PDF, EPS, TIFF or JPG format.

Products Offered:

The range of products available at Printplace is not quite as extensive as the selections at larger printers like Vistaprint. However, most printing needs that businesses have are easily met by Printplace’s product offering, which includes booklets, brochures, business cards, calendars, catalogs, door hangers, envelopes, file folders, flyers, postcards, greeting cards, hang tags, menus, newsletters, posters, and sales sheets, among many other products.

Most products have at least one associated Printplace coupon you can use to save up to 50% on your order.

Other Services:

In addition to printing, Printplace provides quite a few supporting services:

  • File Repair: For $25, the art team at Printplace will fix any issues that may exist with your files, prior to sending them to press.
  • Artcheck: At no extra cost, Printplace will quickly examine your file to ensure there are no major issues.
  • Mailing Services: Printplace’s mailing services include such things as duplicate removal, presorting, inkjet addressing, and affordable, targeted mailing lists.
You Should Select Printplace if You:
  • Have tight deadlines and little room for error.
  • Want to take advantage of a Printplace coupon to get discounted printing services.
  • Have intermediate to advanced design skills and do not require any browser-based design tools.

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