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As one of the largest and most prominent online dating sites in the world, helps millions of singles of all ages find the kind of relationship they want. Unlike other dating sites such as eHarmony,’s focus is less on complex matchmaking and more on providing its members with the tools they need to interact with each other and thereby find love on their own. In a sense, puts you in the driver’s seat, but ultimately, it’s up to you to make the most of the opportunities that are given to you as a member of the site.

Although it is difficult to say how many active subscribers are on, it’s safe to say that the number is easily in the millions. For a dating site of its size and caliber, is surprisingly affordable, with monthly memberships starting at just $17.99 if you buy a year-long subscription. Pricing, however, varies not just on the length of your subscription but on whether or not you take advantage of existing coupons. Not all promotional offers are easily obtainable, and for the best deal possible, we recommend using the promo code on this page to instantly save up to 20%. Promo Code:
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The good news about is that the size of the membership is so large and diverse that you will be able to find just about any type of individual you are interested in. The bad news, on the other hand, is that it’s more difficult for you to stand out when there are so many people in your local area who are members of More so than other dating sites, you’ll want to make sure your profile grabs people’s attention. This means using attractive photos and giving a lot of thought and effort into writing what is in your profile. We recommend using a professional photo of yourself if you have one. Also, show your profile to friends and family and get as much feedback as possible.

Don’t be timid if you want to get the most out of Guys in particular will need to be proactive about contacting others. Even if you’re not 100% sold on someone by viewing their profile, it’s a good idea to start up a conversation with as many people as you can, since you never know where things may lead to.

New Features at

More and more, is beginning to bridge the gap between online and real-world dating. Recently, the site has begun hosting live, local events, called Stir events, for its members. Typical events include things like happy hours, cooking nights, bowling, and other fun activities. The best part is that you’ll know everyone at the event is single, just like you. In large metropolitan areas, you should have no trouble finding four to five Stir events to attend every month. 20% off coupon for 2015

The primary way to find a potential match is by using the three main features of the site, which are search, mutual match, and reverse match. Search is the best tool for people who like to take an active role in finding someone or who may be looking for something very particular. Mutual match, on the other hand, shows you a filtered list of people you may be interested in, and who may be interested in you as well. Reverse match only shows the individuals who are looking for someone like you, but does not take your own preferences into consideration.

While some people may describe as a dating site, it is actually a whole lot more, and its features are increasingly making feel more like a genuine community. The two best ways to get involved are by getting a 3-day free trial or using the promo codes on this page to dive right in with while saving money with a discounted membership. 

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