How to Watch Netflix on Your TV

The Netflix streaming service has grown quite popular over the last few years, and currently has over 40 million active subscribers. One reason Netflix has become so popular is that you can watch content not just on your computer, but on your TV set as well. In this article, we will cover three methods you can use to view Netflix content on your TV.

Use a Netflix-Ready Device That Is Already Connected to Your TV

The easiest devices to set up are Blu-Ray players, DVRs, and game consoles that are already connected to your TV. You can check the Netflix website to see if the device you have is compatible with Netflix. Once you have a Netflix subscription, setting up the device is relatively straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Using a Netflix-ready device is the way that most people watch Netflix content on their TV screens. Audio Video Cables for Netflix

Connect a Laptop to Your TV Using Audio/Video Cables

Even if you do not own a Netflix-ready device, you can still watch Netflix on your TV as long as you have a laptop computer with Internet access.

Using audio and video cables, you can connect your laptop to your TV and display whatever is on your computer screen on the TV set. For the best picture quality, you should use an HDMI cable, which will transfer both audio and video content using a single cable. Only newer laptops and TVs, however, will have the HDMI port.
If you do not have HDMI ports on your computer and TV, the other options are to use either a VGA cable or S-Video cable. Both VGA and S-Video ports are on just about all current computers and TV sets. The one disadvantage of using these kinds of cables, however, is that they only transfer video. For the best quality sound, we recommend attaching your laptop or computer directly to a home theater speaker system. This is most commonly done using a 3.5mm audio cable. Simply insert the plug into the headphone jack on your laptop, and connect the other end to your stereo.

Use a Netflix-Enabled HDTV

More and more new TV sets are shipping with the ability to play Internet content. Such HDTVs tend to be more expensive, but if you are in the market for a new TV set, you might want to consider purchasing such a device. Sony, Sharp, Vizio, and LG all make TV sets that are Netflix-ready. For a full list of TV sets that can stream Netflix content, check this list on the Netflix site.

In the not too distant future, TVs will inevitably become fully integrated with the Internet. This is still years away, however, and until such a time, you can enjoy Internet content on your TV by using the techniques on this page.

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