How to Get Quick Cash for Old Electronic Items

Since most of us have old cell phones, laptops, or DVD players we no longer use, why not get some money for them? Chances are good that some of the old electronic items you have lying around your home may be worth some cash, regardless of their condition.

Here are a few different sites that will pay you money for your unused electronic items:

eBay Instant Sale

This site is one of your best options for getting rid of electronic items. eBay Instant Sale accepts items that are not fully functional or damaged, and they will pay for the cost of shipping. To sell your item, you need to fill out a quick online questionnaire such as the one below. You will then receive an instant cash offer which will be paid to your PayPal account should you accept the offer.

selling used electronics on Ebay Instant Sale

If you are unhappy about the offer you get, you can always list the item on auction to see how much you can get for it. If fact, for fully functional electronic items, we recommend trying a regular eBay listing first, as this will usually allow you to receive more money.

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon Trade-In is another great site for unloading old electronic items quickly. Unlike eBay, Amazon does not accept items in non-working condition. You will be asked to choose whether your item is in “Like New,” “Good,” or “Acceptable” condition, and the amount you are paid will differ depending on the item’s condition. Shipping is paid for, and all you need to do is print and attach a UPS label to the package and drop it off at a nearby UPS location.

amazon trade in website

One thing you need to be aware of is that Amazon will pay you by issuing an Amazon Gift Card. Therefore, unless you shop at Amazon regularly, this may not be the best option for you.

Note that Amazon accepts trade-ins for not just electronics, but for other categories such as books, movies, music, and video games.


Finally, there is Gazelle, a site devoted to buying mostly old Apple products, although they do also buy cell phones from other manufacturers. The site works similarly to both eBay Instant and Amazon Trade-In, where you select the item you are trying to sell and receive an offer based on the item’s condition. As long as the item has a value over $1, Gazelle will cover the shipping costs. You have a choice of receiving your payment through PayPal or as an Amazon Gift Card.

A Few Things to Remember Before Selling Your Electronics

Make sure you completely wipe the hard drive before selling a computer so that your personal information does not end up in the wrong hands. Simply formatting the hard drive will not be sufficient, as the information on the drive will still be accessible to potential information thieves. You should therefore use a data destruction program to ensure your drive is completely wiped. Fortunately, there are many excellent, free data destruction programs you can obtain online (see a list here) and they all work quite well. For step-by-step instructions on wiping your hard drive, check out this How to Wipe a Hard Drive article from

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