How to Get Coupons on Your Smart Phone

cell phone couponsClipping coupons from newspapers and magazines is still a common way for many people get their coupons, but this is slowly changing. For some time now, it has been possible to get coupons delivered to your mobile phone. The popularity of such coupons has grown quite a bit in the last couple years, as noted in a recent New York Times article. So what is the best way is to take advantage of this new trend?

To get coupons for your mobile phone, you will need to download the appropriate app. Currently, there are many more coupon apps for iPhone than for other types of phones, however, this is likely to change soon as many sites such as Yowza have plans to release Android versions of its apps in the near future.

Here are some sites we recommend for people who are interested in having coupons sent to their phones:


Cellfire is probably the best site for people who want to receive grocery coupons. This app allows you to view coupons available at grocery stores in your area. To use any coupon, all you have to do is add it to your grocery card, which can be done in one easy step. When you use your card at the grocery store, your savings will be automatically deducted. If you do not have a grocery card, you can obtain one for free from your favorite grocer. Most large supermarkets offer grocery cards, including Frys, Kroger, Safeway, and numerous others.


Yowza provides coupons for thousands of vendors in your area, but unfortunately the app only works on iPhone and iPads at the time of this writing. An Android version is scheduled to be released soon. With Yowza, you can view coupons at stores near your geographic location. To use the coupon, all you need to do is show the coupon on your phone to the cashier when you check out. There is no need to print out the coupons, as the cashier will be able to scan the barcode on the coupon directly from your phone.


This site amalgamates deals and coupons from places like Groupon, LivingSocial, Valpak, and thousands of other sources. Only an iPhone app is available at this time.

Coupon Value: A rating based on the average savings you can get using a given vendor's coupons or free trials.

Coupon Availability: A rating based on the quantity and frequency of coupons available from a vendor.

Product Quality:'s rating of the vendor's product or service.