Guide to Saving Money Online

With all the online resources available today, consumers definitely have the upper hand when looking for bargains on the Internet. While there are many ways to save money online, below is a quick list of the four easiest and most effective ways to get great deals online.

  1. Compare Prices

    The Internet makes price comparisons amazingly easy to perform. The best way to go about making quick price comparisons is by using a comparison shopping site, such as Google Shopping or Bizrate. To use these sites, all you need to do is type in the name of the product you want to buy. You will then see a list of numerous stores offering that product, along with prices, shipping costs, and other relevant information. The lowest priced vendor is not always the one you should select by default, and you should definitely take seller ratings into account as well. If a seller has low ratings, it may be a good idea to choose another seller, even if they charge a slightly higher price. If you are using Google Shopping, we recommend only using sellers with ratings of 4 stars or above.

    Our favorite comparison shopping site is Google Shopping:

  2. Buy Used Goods

    You can buy just about everything used on the Internet, including electronics, books, furniture and even clothes. But if you are like most people, you are probably a bit picky about what you are willing to buy second-hand. Some excellent items that the majority of people don’t seem to mind buying used are DVDs, CDs, and books. Amazon, for example, has many used book sellers who sell books for as little as $0.99. Another great site for buying used books, CDs, and movies is, which is run by Ebay.

    If you are facing hard times and don’t mind buying clothes and furniture online as well, your bet bets are Ebay and Craigslist.

    Our favorite site for buying used items is

  3. Track Deal-a-Day Sites

    The most famous site in this category is Groupon, which will offer you a deal a day for local businesses and events. There are plenty of other sites as well, such as Woot and 1sale, which both offer common retail products like watches and electronic goods at great prices. Visiting such sites on a daily basis can quickly become a hassle, so we recommend using sites like Dealsucker, which allows you to view dozens of items offered by various deal-a-day sites, all in one place.

    Our favorite deal-a-day site is

  4. Use Online Coupons

    Finally, get in the habit of searching for online coupons for everything you buy. You can search for online coupons using the product name or store name, followed by the word “coupon.” For example, you can go to your favorite search engine and type in phrases like “ipod coupons” or “Officemax coupons.” This combination of keywords yields many results, and you’ll be surprised at how many sites offer coupons for the exact item or store you are interested in.

    Once you start searching for coupons regularly, you will begin to notice that many of the same coupon sites keep popping up in the search results. If you find a site you like, make sure you bookmark it so you can go directly to it in the future to hunt for coupons.

Coupon Value: A rating based on the average savings you can get using a given vendor's coupons or free trials.

Coupon Availability: A rating based on the quantity and frequency of coupons available from a vendor.

Product Quality:'s rating of the vendor's product or service.