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Gotomeeting is a leading provider of web conferencing solutions. Part of the appeal of Gotomeeting is that it is extremely easy to use, and offers a great number of features at a relatively low price. To use the service, users download software that allows them to share what’s on their computer screen with other people online. This way, they are able to conduct presentations or meetings from their computer, which can be viewed by other Internet users who join the meeting. Gotomeeting integrates seamlessly with traditional phone conferencing, and each time you set up a meeting, you are assigned a number which attendees can dial to listen to the conference. Alternatively, they can use their computer’s speaker and mic to participate, if that is their preference.

The meetings hosted by Gotomeeting are not simply one-way presentations, since the attendees can chat, and take keyboard control of the presenter’s computer. In addition, users may also switch whose screen is being presented, allowing multiple people, including attendees, to make presentations as well.

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Current Plans Offered by GotoMeeting:

There are 3 plans you can select from, with the main differences being the number of attendees you can support with each plan. Depending on the plan, there are also additional features that become available, such as Audience Management and Interactive Training (see below). Here is a rundown of the various plans available, along with their primary features:

  • GotoMeeting: This is the most used application and supports up to 15 attendees. It is sufficient to handle the needs of most presentations and is ideal for demos and small scale collaboration among work colleagues.
  • GotoWebinar: This application supports up to 1000 users,  and is geared toward large corporate events and presentations. Aside from supporting more users, the other major difference between Gotomeeting and GotoWebinar is that GotoWebinar includes something called Audience Management. This includes things such as the ability to conduct surveys/polls, and audience participation features such as the ability for attendees to raise hands. 
  • GotoTraining: As the name suggests, GotoTraining is meant for users who want to use a web conferencing platform to conduct training seminars. Includes Interactive Training, which allows you to do things such as charge a tuition, create course catalogs, and administer tests. GotoTraining supports up to 200 trainees.
Gotomeeting, GotoWebinar, and GotoTraining Pricing:

Considering the features you get and the fact that you can conduct unlimited meetings, Gotomeeting and its related products are quite reasonably priced. Below are the current prices for GotoMeeting, GotoWebinar, and GotoTraining.

All 3 applications offer a 30-day Gotomeeting free trial. For the best deal, select the 1-year option, which will allow you to save 20% off the monthly rate.

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