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The best way to think about Gamefly is that it is like the Netflix service, but for video games. The program works in much the same way, where people sign up for a monthly membership which entitles them to rent unlimited video games online. Their selections are sent to them free through the mail, and they may keep the games as long as they want. When they are no longer interested in keeping a game, they can send it back using prepaid postage, and receive the next game on their list. 1 or 2 games can be rented at a time, depending on which plan you sign up for. Like Netflix, Gamefly does not have any due dates or late fees, and members can cancel at any time.

There are over 8000 titles offered by Gamefly, for just about every platform out there. Currently, games are available for Xbox, Xbox 360, PSP, Playstation 2 and 3, Gamecube, NintendoDS, Wii, and Gameboy Advance. With the "Keep" feature, if you like a game you have rented, you will have the option to purchase it at a discount. The retail box and instruction manual will then be sent to you by mail. Using Gamefly in this way is a great way to try out many different games before deciding which ones to buy.

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Gamefly Free Trial Coupons:
30-Day Gamefly Free Trial
(2 Games Out At a Time)
Current Membership Options:
  • 1 Game Out for 1 Month FREE ($15.95 Starting the Second Month)
    This is a good, affordable plan if you do not play too many games and only want to try one game at a time. Keep in mind that you are bound to receive games you do not like and send back immediately, which means that on many occasions you may be stuck with nothing to play while you are waiting for your next title to be delivered.
  • 2 Games Out for $10.00/Month ($22.95 Starting the Second Month)
    Active gamers will benefit the most from selecting this plan. It only costs $7.00 more than the 1-Game-Out plan, and you get to play twice the number of games. Note that the Gamefly free trial converts to this plan unless you make changes to your account.
New and Upcoming Features from Gamefly:

It was recently announced that Gamefly will begin offering a download service, whereby PC users can download games to their computer and play them for free as long as they maintain a monthly subscription. This service will be similar to Netflix’s streaming service. This new service, called Unlimited PC Play, is in beta as of December 2011, and should become available soon . It will initially consist of of a library of 1500 games. Don’t expect to find new releases in the collection, but if you are an avid gamer, you will no doubt find many titles worth playing. To read more about this announcement, check out this Press Release from Gamefly on August 9, 2011.

Another feature that was recently added to Gamefly is a download store, where you can purchase PC and Mac games to download immediately. Even with the fastest Internet connection, game downloads are likely to take many hours. The best time to purchase a game is late in the evening. That way, you can start the download, have it run overnight, and be able to play the following morning when you wake up.

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