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Rated 4.5 by CouponLeaf is a sister site to the giant dating site, It might be best to think of as’s answer to Eharmony. As you may know, Eharmony’s claim to fame is it proprietary matching system based on 29 dimensions of compatibility. offers a similar matching system, aimed at the class of online daters who want to take advantage of scientific matchmaking tools in their quest to find love online.

Much like Eharmony, you must first take a personality test before receiving your matches.’s test is based on the research of Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist with a background in researching the basis for love and enduring relationships. The personality test can actually be quite fun, and includes such things as pictures and puzzles which you are asked to solve.

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The Peculiarities of the Personality Test

Admittedly, the personality test is a bit unusual compared to more standard tests such as the one offered by sites like eHarmony. While the test does address its share of typical questions such as smoking and drinking preferences, you will also run into quite a few less common questions such as the ones below. In fact, readily acknowledges at the beginning of the test that some questions may seem strange, but assures test takers that the questions are formulated on the basis of extensive research. Here is a sample of some of the questions you will have to answer:

example 1 of Personality test question

example 2 of Personality test question

Given that the free trial lasts 14 days, which is longer than the trial period offered by most other dating sites, we encourage you to take the test and see if you like any of the people you are matched up with.

Which Test is More Accurate,’s or Eharmony’s?

This is indeed the $64,000 question, and we suspect the “accuracy” of the test results depends a lot on the person taking the test. For some people, may yield better results, while others may have better success with Eharmony.

Either way, it’s  not hard to find out for yourself. Both Eharmony and offer their personality tests for free. So while it may be a hassle, if you are serious about online dating, we encourage you to take both tests. Then, read the personality profiles that are generated from your test results. The one that does a better job of assessing your personality is the site you should try out first.

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