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When it comes to purchasing jewelry online, Blue Nile stands out as one of the premier sites both in terms of selection and site features. Blue Nile has been recognized with awards from Forbes and Bizrate, and is regarded by many to be a revolutionary and superior vendor for purchasing jewelry. Despite the high-end items sold at Blue Nile, prices cover a wide range and many products are surprisingly affordable.

Previous online coupons for Blue Nile have allowed customers to get as much as 10% off across the board. Unfortunately, Blue Nile does not offer coupons as frequently as some other Internet sellers, but hopefully this will change soon.

Current Blue Nile Coupons:
20% Off Select Items
Expires 12/31/2015
$25 off $100+, $50 off $200+, $75 off $300+
Expires 5/13/2015
Up to 30% Off Gifts for Mom
Expires 5/8/2015
10% Off Wedding Rings
Expires 6/30/2015
20% Off All Pearls
Expires 4/22/2015
FREE FedEx Shipping and 30-day Returns
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On the Pros and Cons of Purchasing Jewelry Online:

To be honest, we at CouponLeaf initially had some doubts and reservations about the whole concept of buying jewelry online. Jewelry, like clothes, are a highly personal item, and we always believed that such items are best purchased in person. Two issues stood out in our mind as being potential problems for buying jewelry online. The first was that customers frequently want to be able to consult someone knowledgeable when they shop for a high-ticket item. The second was that since jewelry is so visual, we believed most people will want to inspect the item in person before making a purchase.

Blue Nile, one of the largest online retailers of fine jewelry and certified diamonds, addresses both of these issues rather elegantly. Below, you can see exactly how they do just that:

Issue Blue Nile’s Solution

Customers want consultation when purchasing jewelry

  • Jewelry consultants are available 24/7 through toll-free numbers
  • The site offers a lot of educational information about purchasing jewelry

Customers want to view and inspect jewelry

  • Multiple high quality photos are shown for each item
  • Preview images are available for customized rings that you design on the site
  • If you are not satisfied, returning merchandise is extremely easy and hassle-free

Buying jewelry online will never be a perfect process, but if you deal with a reputable online jewelry store like Blue Nile, much of your concerns should be put to rest. And keep in mind that buying online has its own set of benefits that should not be overlooked. Chief among them are the fact that you can often get much lower prices, especially by taking advantage of current online promotions and coupons. Another benefit of buying jewelry online is that you can easily build your own custom jewelry (more on that below).

Blue Nile – The Best Choice for Building Customized Jewelry

What we consider one of Blue Nile’s primary strengths is the “build your own” feature, which gives you the ability to  create your own custom diamond jewelry on the spot using a unique web interface. While other jewelry sites allow you to create your own jewelry as well, we found Blue Nile’s interface to be the most sophisticated one out there, by far.

Blue Nile lets you select  the various elements that go into the piece you are creating, and given the vast selection available at the store, there are literally thousands of possible combinations. During each step of the process, you will have the ability to use sliders and checkboxes to quickly define the characteristics you are looking for in your ring. As you are building your custom jewelry, high quality images on the website shows you exactly what the item you are creating will will look like.

If you are contemplating designing a ring online, look no further than Blue Nile. After just a few minutes using the site, you will quickly realize that Blue Nile offers the most robust online ring-building tool available today.

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